Instituto Superior Técnico

Gestor do Edificio do Taguspark


  • 23 of Jan.
  • 2018

DEI’s videoconference room expansion

We would like to inform you that the Videoconference Room assigned to the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at IST Campus do Taguspark is going to be upgraded.

In addition to a significant increase in useful area other systems such as acoustic characteristics, lighting systems and air-conditioning …

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  • 21 of Jul.
  • 2017

Power Grid Maintenance – IST Taguspark

The Facility Management Unit would like to inform you that we are going to perform several maintenance procedures on our Power Grid during the following month.
Electric power will not be available on the following days/times:

Day 1/08/2017

General Power Shutdown – Entire building cut off from main …

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  • 23 of Mar.
  • 2017

First Aid Kits

We inform that cabinets containing first aid kits for use in case of minor accidents are now publicly available at the following locations:
Level 0 – Reception/Security Room
Level 1 – Next to IC Workshop – 1-69
Level 2 – Next to room 2-4
For more information contact:

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  • 30 of Jan.
  • 2017

Neatness in Tagus” Campaign

We’re improving the cleanliness conditions of Taguspark Campus, so that all that use this space on a daily basis have better working conditions.
The increase of the campus’ neatness needs to have the contribution from all of us.
We count on your collaboration.

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  • 11 of Jan.
  • 2017

Solar Film Installation

Solar film installarion on all Electronic Laboratories.
Room ID:
Laboratory 1-64
Laboratory 1-66
Espected outcome:

Room temperature improvement,
AC usage reduction
Addicional equipment protection against UV radiation.

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